• Harm Reduction Kit With Naloxone $99.95 / Each

    Comprehensive Harm Reduction Kit with Naloxone has been thoughtfully assembled to provide individuals and communities with essential tools to address potential overdose situations and promote harm reduction practices. This carefully curated kit contains a range of components designed to enhance safety and empower those who may find themselves in critical moments.


    • Sterile Vitamin C
    • Colour-Coded Sterile Cooker X2
    • Optional Naloxone Injection Or Spray
    • 25G Single Stroke Saftey Needle 3ML X2
    • Sterile Water 3ML
    • CPR Barrier Mask
    • Nitrile Gloves X2
    • Quick guide In French & English


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  • Eclipse™ Luer-Lok™ Syringe with Needle $45.66

    This Eclipse™ Luer-Lok™ Syringe comes with a needle and features a safety cover that protects the user from contamination during injections and blood collection.

    • Pivoting-shield needle.
    • Bevel-oriented.
    • Used for low-angle injection.
    • Safety cover.
    • Sterile.
    • Latex-Free.

    Sterility: Sterile

    Latex content: Latex-Free

    Brand: BD Eclipse™ Luer-Lok™

    Size: 25GX1IN 3ML

    Quantity: 50 per box


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  • Solution Set, 10Drops/mL, L100″ $301.40

    With Luer lock adapter.

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