3M Actisorb Silver 220, Activated Charcoal Dressing


3M Actisorb Silver 220 Activated Charcoal Dressing with Silver is an activated charcoal dressing with silver, enclosed in a non-adherent nylon sleeve. Traps odour while providing an effective barrier to bacterial penetration, which may help reduce infection.

Dressings contain pure activated carbon impregnated with silver (33 and 25 ug/cm2 respectively), enclosed in a non-adherent nylon sleeve.

The charcoal traps odour in the dressing,1 binds bacteria and toxins that impair the healing process. Silver controls a wide range of bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens that can occur in a wound.

Malodour is one of the most distressing symptoms for patients. It can cause depression and social isolation, which may impact on social and family relations for the patient. Through eliminating offensive odours, dressings lead to an improvement in quality of life for a patient and clinician.

3M Actisorb Silver 220 is designed to trap wound malodor while protecting the wound from infection. By removing harmful elements from the wound, a more stable wound healing environment can be achieved.

  • Activated charcoal traps odor and bacterial toxin.
  • Silver kills bacteria.
  • Consistent adsorption of bacteria.
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Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Composition / Ingredient

Silver impregnated Activated Chracoal

Feature / Property

Reduce Infection and Exudate, Consistent Adsorption of Bacteria, For trapping Wound Malodour


10.5cm, 9.5cm


10.5cm, 19cm, 6.5cm


10 each/box

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