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  • Dover Urine Drainage Bag, Luer-Lock Sampling Port $139.64 / Case

    Dover Urine Drainage Bag features a convenient Luer-Lock Sampling Port to prevent needle stick injuries. It also includes an anti-reflux device, bed hook hanger, and other features for optimal urine collection and management.

    Luer Lock sample port helps in preventing needle stick injury.

    • Top vent promotes optimal flow within the collection system.
    • Enclosed spout drain.
    • Anti-reflux device.
    • Bed hook hanger.
    • Tube management with sheet clip.
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  • Dover Urine Drainage Bag, Needle Sampling, Anti-Reflux Valve Sterile 2000mL $75.18 / Case

    Dover Urine Drainage Bag from Kenguard™, Dover Urine Drainage Bag designed to promote optimal flow within the collection system. This high-quality bag features a range of advanced functionalities to enhance user convenience and comfort.

      • Needle Sampling: Allows for easy and hygienic sampling without the need for removing the bag.
      • Drain Tube: Facilitates efficient drainage and management of urinary output.
      • Bed Hook: Enables secure attachment to the patient’s bed, ensuring stability and ease of use.
      • Luer Lock Sample Port: Offers a secure connection for sample collection, reducing the risk of leaks or spills.
      • Contoured Design: Enhances filling efficiency and ensures complete emptying for maximum utility.
      • Convenient Carrying Handle: Ideal for ambulatory patients, providing ease of transport and handling.
      • Plastic Clamp: Allows for easy control of the drainage flow.
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