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  • MedPro Airway Kit, Guedel Type, Disposable $7.99 / Kit

    MedPro Airway Kit is a disposable, Guedel Type airway kit that is designed to provide a clear airway for patients during medical procedures or emergencies. The kit includes six sizes of bite locks, ranging from size 00 to size 4, with each size color coded for easy identification. The bite locks are made of latex-free material and are single-use only, ensuring safety and hygiene. This versatile airway kit is suitable for a range of patients and medical settings, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable and convenient tool.

    The bite locks are color coded for quick and easy identification. 6 sizes: from size 00 to size 4 (50 mm to 100 mm). The kit contains one of each.

    00 (50 mm): blue

    0 (60 mm): black

    1 (70 mm): white

    2 (80 mm): green

    3 (90 mm): yellow

    4 (100 mm): red
    • Latex-Free
    • Single-Use Only

    Color coded bite locks for quick and easy identification.

    • Size 00 to 4.
    • Latex-Free.
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