Leadership Team

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Founder & CEO

As the CEO and founder of Mid East Canadian Pharmaceutical (MECP), Ms. Fatemeh Banouei is proud to lead a company that has established itself as a leading provider of medical devices both domestically and internationally.

With a long history of delivering high-quality products to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers around the world, MECP is dedicated to bringing affordability to the market through strong partnerships with manufacturers and efficient supply chain management. In addition to our commitment to affordability, we are constantly expanding our product offerings and working to stay at the forefront of industry developments.

 Ms. Banouei’s leadership, MECP has successfully operated on 3 continents, established strong partnerships with manufacturers and world-renowned companies, and is dedicated to providing consumers with accessible and innovative medical care.


Vice President

Mr. Tehrani brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to MECP, having honed his skills in the areas of enterprise solutions implementation, regulatory affairs, marketing, e-commerce solutions,
air cargo security, cloud infrastructure, and security
within the medical field.

His tenure at reputable
companies such as IBM and CDI, has provided him with
a solid track record of success in the industry. and in the implementation of new technologies and solutions in the healthcare sector.

Mr, Tehrani bring his skills to improve the infrastructure of hospitals and long-term
care facilities, and to create state-of-the-art care
centers that provide the best possible patient care.

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Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Ali Hesami holds a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy and an MBA, which have fortified his strategic thinking capabilities. His extensive expertise also encompasses regulatory affairs consulting, where he adeptly navigates intricate regulatory landscapes.

With over 30 years of diverse business experience, including roles in pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product registration, import-export, distribution, GMP, GDP, GSP compliance, business development management, and international business, Dr. Ali Hesami has built an impressive career. His leadership journey has seen him hold the position of Chief Executive Officer.

In the capacity of Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Ali Hesami stands poised to leverage his vast knowledge and strategic prowess to drive organizational growth and excellence.


Mena Region Sales Rep

Mr. Omid Rostampour, an adept regional sales representative, brings a wealth of experience in client engagement, market expansion, and revenue amplification. His accomplishments underscore his proficiency in forging strong business connections and achieving sales objectives. His expertise also encompasses enhancing client contentment and reinforcing market influence.

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North America Marketing Officer

Ms. Erin Andrea Matthews, born in Quebec with roots in the Maritimes, is MECP’s North America Marketing Officer. A University of Ottawa alumna, she is bilingual in French and English and has lived in France, Israel, and Cyprus. With a background in social work and energy system design, Ms. Matthews has developed comprehensive marketing strategies and led innovative energy projects. She has served as Executive Director at Ark Youth Shelter and Reseau des Femmes du Sud de l’Ontario, transitioning to the clean technology sector and contributing to the Ontario FIT program.

The year 2017 for Ms. Matthews was marked by her designation as representative to the Aboriginal Consultation
roundtable for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) at the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

In her capacity at MECP, Ms. Matthews applies her diverse skill set to fortify the company’s presence in the North American healthcare sector. She plays a crucial role in shaping MECP’s marketing strategies, ensuring they resonate with the dynamic healthcare market in North America.

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Middle East Marketing Officer

Dr. Khasan Fouad Saka serves as the Middle East Marketing Officer at MECP, bringing a wealth of experience in international law and multicultural communication. He holds a Master’s degree in International Law from Oslo International University and a background in legal consulting from Everest College. Dr. Saka has held significant leadership roles, including President of the Iraqi Canadian Group Organization and the Canadian Chamber of Iraqi Trade, showcasing his expertise in fostering trade relations and cultural exchanges.

One of 100 personalities contributed 1o the dissemination of Arabie in the diaspora. Jordan 2018
Certificate of appreciation from AISSH for human rights. Egypt

His diplomatic skills were honed during his tenure at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Canada.His award-winning efforts in promoting Arabic culture and language not only enrich MECP’s cultural competence but also open doors for new business opportunities and partnerships in the Middle East.

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