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  • Clickfine Safety Insulins Pen Needles

    The Clickfine Safety Pen Needle has an innovative and patented locking system, minimizing the risk of injuries. The risk of contamination can be reduced and prevented with the use of the ClickFine Safety Pen Needle from Ypsomed.
    Innovative locking mechanism for protection against needle stick injuries
    Cannula hidden by blue projection cap for more confidence
    Special silicone surface treatment for advanced injection comfort
    Compatible with all major injection pen brands, available in 5 mm and 8 mm lengths
    Lock automatically after injection
    Red lock indicator clearly shows locked stage
    Lock permanently covers needle preventing repeated use

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  • Insulin Syringe

    Clear hub
    Polypropylene hub
    Regular needle tip
    Insulin needle
    Regular needle wall
    Concentric syringe tip
    Priming volume: 2 units
    Syringe tip size: 8 mm
    Syringe tip: permanently attached

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  • MediSure Blood Glucose Test Strips

    Easy to handle
    Accurate reading
    Medisure® Strips are not affected by interferences such as high uric acid levels, or Peritoneal patients on dialysis, or higher blood concentrations of galactose, maltose, maltotriose or maltotetraose.
    Our test strips are conveniently packaged in boxes of 100 containing two Vials of 50 test strips.
    Quality and Performance that meets or exceeds other test strips in Canada while still being affordable.

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  • Orbit Infusion Set

    Freely Rotates 360
    More freedom in selecting infusion sites
    Easy one hand connect and disconnect
    Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Cannula
    31 gauge makes Orbitmicro the thinnest cannula currently available on the market
    High-quality steel cannula for ultimate comfort and reliability
    Virtually pain free to insert and wear
    5.5mm and 8.5mm cannula lengths
    Blue Tubing
    More discreet, matches dark clothing better
    Available in 4 tubing lengths – 45cm (18″), 60cm (24″), 75cm (30″), and 105cm (42″)
    Low Profile
    Smooth dome shape – no clothing snags
    Body-Heat Activated Tape
    Stays on wherever you go or whatever you do
    For secure fixation
    Semi-transparent, closely matches skin tone
    Minimizes sticky tape residue
    Works with infusion pumps with standard Luer-lock connection
    Rigid packaging designed to protect set during travel

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