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    Cardinal Detecto 438 Mechanical Physician Scale with Height Rod and Wheels, 450 lb x 4 oz

    The Detecto name is globally recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of dependable mechanical healthcare scales. Durability and trust are proven with their products being backed by a manufactures warranty of two years. Even the base model series 438 can be found in your general doctor’s office all the way to cutting-edge medical research facilities. It includes a built-in height measuring rod that can extend from 24 inches all the way to 84 inches. A non-slip weighing platter offers safety and security for patients young and old.


    • The capacity of 450 lb with a 4 oz readability
    • No power is required!
    • Sturdy steel construction with a powder-coated paint finish
    • Height measuring rod capable of measuring 24″ to 84″
    • Portability wheels built into the base
    • Simple to operate balance and slide
    • Slip-resistant top plate for security
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    Detecto SOLACE Series ID-3636S-855RMP 3 x 3 ft In-Floor Dialysis Scale 1000 x 0.2 lb $6,980.44


    DETECTO’s Solace series USA-made in-floor dialysis scales are flush-mounted platform scales that feature stainless steel decks and include a pit frame, trim ring, and interface cable to the included multi-color, touchscreen LCD indicator, and printer. The flush surface eliminates tripping hazards and hallway accessibility issues. The Solace series is available with or without a handrail and all models include a recessed-mount indicator and ticket printer combination. These in-floor scales with high 1,000-lb x 0.2-lb/450-kg x 0.1-kg capacity easily accommodate patients with walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and dialysis chairs, and the 6 x 4 ft. size even accommodates stretchers. The Solace series comes in 8 standard models to choose from with 3 x 3 ft, 4 x 3 ft, 4 x 4 ft, and 6 x 4 ft stainless steel platform sizes (custom sizes/configurations available). DIALYSIS + BARIATRIC WEIGHING

    • 1,000 lb x 0.2 lb / 450 kg x 0.1 kg capacity
    • 8 standard models to choose from
    • Handrails are available for patient stability while weighing
    • Indicator/printer, pit frame, scale, and trim ring included
    • Standard platform sizes: 3 x 3 ft, 4 x 3 ft, 4 x 4 ft, and 6 x 4 ft
    • Custom sizes and configurations are available
    • USA-made quality construction

    DETECTO’s Solace series in-floor scales are covered with durable stainless steel to provide years of maintenance-free use. The built-in thermal printer makes it easy to print out a weight record for patient recordkeeping.

    • Multi-color, touchscreen LCD display
    • Built-in thermal ticket printer (included)
    • Displays weight, height, and BMI onscreen simultaneously
    • Large 0.9-inch-high, clinical blue LCD weight digits
    • Push button or manual entry of tare weights for wheelchairs and stretchers
    • Automatically locks on weight temporarily for a few seconds in order to easily view and record measurement
    • The menu button provides quick access to user-friendly menu settings for scale customization
    • Standard 110V AC power 110V – 240V AC universal switching power supply

    The Solace series in-floor scale’s ticket printer can print Gross, Tare, Net, and Patient IDs for record-keeping

    The Solace series is flush-mounted with the floor and includes the pit frame and trim ring, plus an interface cable from the scale to the indicator

    Complete in-floor scale package for continuous patient weight monitoring

    DETECTO’s Solace series in-floor scales are ideal for dialysis clinics, emergency rooms, and clinical facilities where fast, efficient patient measurement is necessary

    In-floor scales come with model 855RMP digital weight indicator/ printer combo, pit frame, scale, stainless steel deck, and trim ring. Custom sizes and configurations are available.

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  • Detecto WinDDE Dynamic Data Exchange


    WinDDE Server communicates with up to 20 weight indicators attached to a computer. Weight indicators may be connected using standard computer serial ports or via ethernet using TCP/IP. The weight and status of the weight indicators are made available to spreadsheets, databases, and industrial control applications by means of Dynamic Data Exchange, or NetDDE for networked computers. Weight and time stamp information may be automatically captured to Excel® creating a new row of information for each stable weight above the threshold. Alternatively, the capture feature may be based on the indicator print button to capture a row of data each time the print key is pressed on the indicator.


    Weight Monitoring Industrial Control Software such as Rockwell RSView®, Automation Direct®, Lookout Direct®, and spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel® may be used. A spreadsheet cell, such as A1, shows continuously updating weight. The spreadsheet may show a continuously updating bar graph. Formulas in the spreadsheet may show a flashing indication if the weight exceeds or drops below certain levels. The WinDDE command for the spreadsheet to read weight is simply =windde|scale!wt Automatic Stable Weight Capture to Excel® After a weight is placed on the scale and the indicator sees a stable weight, the weight is placed in a spreadsheet cell, such as A5. The operator removes the weight, and the procedure is repeated, but the weight value is placed in the next spreadsheet row, such as A6. Printer Port Capture to Excel® After a weight is placed on the scale, the operator at the indicator may press the Print key on the indicator. Instead of printing, the printout information from the indicator is sent to the computer. The computer sets the spreadsheet cells, such as E3 Gross Weight, F3 Tare Weight, G3 Net Weight, etc. The operator then may remove the weight, and the procedure is repeated, but the information is placed in the next spreadsheet row, such as E4, F4, G4, etc. Computer Data Collection After a weight is placed on the scale, the operator may type information at the computer, such as an ID number to associate the weight. The computer stores the information in a database or spreadsheet. The operator then may remove the weight. With certain weight indicators, such as the Cardinal model 220, weight monitoring, automatic stable weight capture to Excel® and printer port capture to Excel® can be used simultaneously. Windows® 2000 or XP must be used if more than ten indicators will be connected.


    Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®, Wonderware InTouch®, Automation Direct®, Lookout Direct®, and Rockwell Automation RSView® are just a few of the well-known applications which can be used with WinDDE.

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    WPS12UT Digital Scale with Utility Bowl $740.51

    • Accurately Measure Fluids or Blood Loss During Clinical Procedures.
    • High-Quality Stainless Steel Construction.
    • Digital Accuracy Down to 1 Gram.
    • Six Different Capacities, Including 192 oz x 0.05 oz and 5,500 g x 1 g.
    • Raised Buttons Allow for Tactile Functionality and Easy Operation.
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