Cool Box With Temperature logger


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  • Ideal for transporting vaccines and medication that require controlled temperature and data log
  • Keeping inside temperature consent up to 96H
  • Digital Temperature data logger with export capability
  • Ultra-lightweight to keep shipping weight down
  • Multiple effective volumes 12 to 130L
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Transporting temperature-sensitive material has always been a challenge, from bulky containers that hardly last a day and leave very little interior volume to a high shipping fee due to the size of the cool boxes the industry was in need of the new product.

With our UL (ultralight) cool boxes weighing up to 30% less than other cool boxes in its class yet lasting up to 96 with interchangeable plates for different temperature requirements we aim to reduce the space takes by cool boxes, with a simple cool plate change there is no need for a different cool box for different temperature.

Digital temperature log keeps maintenance compliance in regard to transporting temp-sensitive medication and drugs with simple log export future for record-keeping.


Volume (L)

12, 28, 35, 56, 70, 110, 130

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