Kendall™ Calcium Alginate Dressing


Kendall™ Calcium Alginate Dressings are designed to absorb up to 20 times their weight in exudate.


  • Made of natural alginate materials
  • Kendall™ PLUS (Item No. Z9236) is designed to absorb up to 30 times its weight in exudate
  • Encourages vertical wicking, which creates a moist environment that promotes wound healing, and prevents maceration
  • Creates a protective gel layer over the wound
  • Adaptable to different types of wounds
  • Easy application and removal
  • High tensile strength
  • Controls minor bleeding

Indication For Use:

  • Designed for granulation tissue, and minor bleeding.
  • Local treatment of external wounds with moderate to heavy exudate, deep cavity-forming wounds, second degree partial-thickness burns, surgical draining wounds, venous stasis ulcers, pressure ulcers, arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, lacerations, abrasions, and donor sites.


  • Do not use as a surgical sponge or on third-degree burns.
  • Do not use to control heavy bleeding.
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Sterility: Sterile

Brand: Kendall™

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

10", 12", 2", 24", 36", 4", 5.5", 8"


0", 12", 2", 4", 6"


10 each/box, 5 each/box



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