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  • 78 PediPac Immobilization Device with Case, W9″ X L48″ X H2″ $1,289.89 / Each

    The PediPac Immobilization Device is paramount when addressing pediatric patients in emergencies, presenting unique challenges for first responders. Although spinal injuries in children are uncommon, they can be life-threatening, necessitating specialized child immobilizer equipment like the PediPac. The risk of pediatric spinal injuries intensifies when the patient is in a state of panic, hindering their ability to follow instructions for remaining still while initial care is administered and the spine is immobilized.

    The choice of equipment plays a crucial role in pediatric spinal immobilization scenarios. FERNO’s PediPac offers dedicated spinal immobilization and restraint designed specifically for children measuring 28-54 inches in height and weighing 20-90 lbs. (9 to 41 kg). Quick and flexible restraint is facilitated through cot-fastening loops and color-coded straps on the PediPac. The head support is meticulously crafted, considering the disproportionately large heads of small children, ensuring the neck remains immobile and the airway stays open. Sewn-in lifting handles at both ends of the PediPac make for convenient maneuvering in confined spaces.

    Furthermore, the PediPac seamlessly integrates with adult backboards and ambulance cots, eliminating the need to invest in additional cots.

    Key Features of the PediPac Immobilization Device:

    • Adjustable head support.
    • Ear openings.
    • Individual leg restraints.
    • Length: 48″
    • Width: 9″
    • Height: 2″
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    CPR Board, With Logo Original price was: $261.46.Current price is: $202.70.

    Provides a firm surface for training and administration. Helps to properly position a patient and ensure a constant, open airway.

    • Head cup maintains proper alignment of head.
    • Contoured sides make lifting easier.
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  • Head Immobilizer, Universal $358.16
    • Ferno® Universal Head Immobilizer cleans up easily and quickly with common cleaning solutions
    • Closed-cell foam construction – will not absorb blood or body fluids
    • Plastisol-coating is waterproof and prevents bacterial growth within components
    • All components are buoyant, making it ideal for water rescue
    • Universal base plate can be mounted on all standard backboards
    • Base plate can remain on board during storage
    • Minimal interference with X-ray, MRI, or CT procedures
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