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  • Chart Medical Label From: $79.73

    Chart Medical Label is designed to make it easier for medical professionals to keep track of large volumes of medical charts. The label is imprinted with the words “Chart Thinned” and features removable adhesive, making it easy to apply and remove as needed. Made from high-quality paper, this label is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of a busy medical practice. With its easy-to-read design and convenient adhesive backing, the Chart Medical Label is an essential tool for any healthcare provider looking to streamline their chart management system.

    Keeping track of large volume charts is much easier with this label.

    • Imprinted: Chart Thinned.
    • Removable Adhesive.
    • Material: Paper.
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    Communication Medical Label, Flourescent Red From: $39.68

    Draws attention to important information the quick and easy way.

    • Imprinted: Name Alert.
    • Removable Adhesive.
    • Material: Paper.
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  • DOT Label From: $35.05

    Dot Labels, an essential tool for efficient organization and identification of items, files, and documents. Available in a circular shape, these labels come with a smooth surface that accommodates both writing and typing.

    Key Features:

    • Shape: Circle
    • Adhesive: Removable for easy application and removal
    • Material: EDP Paper for durability
    • Material Options: Choose from a vibrant array of colors crafted from high-quality Fluorescent Paper
    • Packaging: 1000 Labels/Roll, providing an ample supply for your organizational needs

    Versatile Use: These labels are designed to streamline your organizational efforts, making it easy to color-code items and categorize files. The circular shape provides a clear and concise visual cue.

    User-Friendly Surface: The smooth paper surface allows for both writing and typing, offering flexibility in how you choose to label and categorize your items.

    Elevate your organizational game with our Color-Coding dot Labels. Whether you need Dot Labels or D.O.T. Labels, our product provides a vibrant and practical solution to keep everything in order. Choose the color that suits your needs and enjoy the convenience of efficient organization.

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  • Equipment Checked Labe, Fluorescent Green $63.33 / Roll

    Equipment Checked Labels in Fluorescent Green, an efficient solution to signify that equipment has been thoroughly inspected. These labels come in a convenient roll format, with each label featuring removable adhesive for easy application and removal.

    Key Features:


    Quickly indicates that equipment has been checked.

    • Roll.
    • Removable Adhesive.
    • Material: Paper.
    • Composition / Ingredient: Paper
    • Colour: Fluorescent Green
    • Feature / Property: Equipment Checked, Removable Adhesive, Roll
    • Width: 2-1/4″
    • Height: 7/8″
    • Temperature Use Range Minimum-65
    • Temperature Use Range Max+180

    Product Usage: These labels serve as a quick and effective visual cue, indicating that equipment has undergone a thorough check. The removable adhesive ensures easy application and removal, while the fluorescent green color enhances visibility.

    Packaging: The labels are neatly packed in a dispensing box, facilitating effortless use and organized storage.

    Enhance your equipment monitoring and maintenance processes with our Equipment Checked Labels – a reliable and visible solution for ensuring thorough inspections.

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  • IV Medication Added Label, Fluorescent Red $54.89

    This Medication Added Label ensures patient safety by appropriately labelling all medications added to IV’s.

    • Imprinted: Medication Added.
    • Permanent.
    • Colour: Fluorescent Red
    • Feature / Property: Imprinted: Medication Added, Permanent
    • Length: 2-1/2″
    • Width: 1-1/2″
    •  600 LABELS PER ROLL – 1 Roll
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