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  • Desk Set With Pocket Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope, Handles and Adapter Sleeve and Hard Case, Accepts 2.5V $1,288.86

    Compact, portable unit provides convenient drop-in recharging of desk/well-charger instrument handles.

    • Model 12800 2.5v PocketScope Ophthalmoscope with Halogen Lamp.
      • Model 22800 2.5v PocketScope Otoscope with Halogen Lamp.
      • 2.5v PocketScope Handle, Set of Two.
      • 2.5v Rechargeable Battery for PocketScope, Set of Two.
      • Desk Charger for PocketScope.
      • Tube Assembly with 20 Specula, 4 mm.
      • Reusable Polypropylene Diagnostic Otoscope Specula, Set of Four.
      • Hard Case for PocketScope Set.
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  • ProBP™ 2400 Blood Pressure Device, Digital $654.36 / Each

    The Welch Allyn ProBP 2400 is not a typical electronic blood pressure device. It is an affordable, professional device that you can trust to accurately measure your patients’ blood pressures despite many common underlying circumstances. The ProBP 2400 is specifically designed for practices like yours. It gives you the quality, durability and features you don’t get from home blood pressure devices that are mainly designed for general household use, which some practices resort to because of cost. It provides you consistent technique that’s not assured with manual blood pressure gauges. And it does so at a budget-friendly price that other professional blood pressure monitors with the same features don’t offer.

    Detects the appearance of irregular heartbeat during measurement, and gives a warning signal with the reading once the irregular heartbeat is detected.

    • 2400mAh NiMH battery.
    • Adult cuff.
    • Large adult cuff.
    • Power supply with four mains blade adapters.
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  • 9600 Plus Calibration Tester, for Braun/SureTemp Thermometer $1,527.08

    Verifies calibrated temperature accuracy.

    • Displays temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    • Test accuracy at three Calibration Set Point temperatures.
    • Four mains plug inserts to adapt for different power configurations.
    • Simple set-up and operation.
    Additional Information:

    • Brand: 9600 Plus
    • Feature / Property: Verifies calibration accuracy of the Braun and SureTemp thermometers
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  • Standard Speculum Anoscope, with Obturator, L89mm From: $653.60

    The finest in design and craftsmanship for optimal performance.

    Additional Information:

    • Size: Standard
    • Feature / Property: with Obturator, Speculum
    • Length: 89mm
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  • Bell Rim, Nonchill, Pediatric $12.61 / Each

    For Harvey™ Elite® stethoscope.

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  • Blood Pressure Cuff, One Tube, with Luer Slip Connector, Neonate, Size 5 $8.44

    Helps prevent cross-contamination in high-risk areas. Reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable.

    • Soft cuff.
    • One piece.
    • Flat port tubing connector.
    • Material: Sontara® spunlaced fabric.
    • Color coded.
    • Latex-Free.
    • Disposable.
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  • Blood Pressure Device, Nellcor™ Spo2, SureTemp® Plus Temperature $7,973.22 / Each

    The Welch Allyn 68NXTX-B Connex Vital Signs Monitor is an advanced, touch screen monitor featuring bright, vivid colors with minimal knobs or buttons for ease of cleaning, improved workflow, and training.

    Ideal and adaptable for all health care environments and clinical workflows, it measures pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and temperature. For office-based settings, we also offer a unique blood pressure averaging program to help reduce misdiagnosis of hypertension caused by White Coat Hypertension. For hospitals, this monitor offers profiles that support multiple clinical workflows including triage, spot check vitals and continuous monitoring for higher acuity patients.

    In addition, the device has the capability to provide clinicians with early warnings/alarms to help them proactively intervene to reduce patient falls, pressure ulcers, and respiratory distress, and to improve EMR documentation. In hospitals, this device also has the capability to communicate via wireless to an EMR.

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  • ↓ 1%Limited
    Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 Battery Door wa-701640_01
    Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 Battery Door Original price was: $12.40.Current price is: $12.22. / Each

    Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 Battery Door is a replacement part for the Braun ThermoScan PRO 4000 thermometer. Designed to securely hold the batteries in place, this battery door ensures uninterrupted functionality of the thermometer. Made with durable materials, it is easy to install and provides a snug fit. This battery door is essential for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of temperature readings.

    for Braun ThermoScan® PRO 4000

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  • ↓ 9%Limited
    Bronze Series DS44 Integrated Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Gauge, with Two Piece Adult Cuff and Bladder Original price was: $108.12.Current price is: $98.65.

    Gear-free DuraShock™ design is much more durable than traditional aneroids with gears. Features a FlexiPort® cuff-mounted design that is compact and lightweight for ease of use.

    • Premium inflation system.
    • Five-year calibration warranty.
    • Latex-Free.

    Additional Information:

    • Latex content: Latex-Free
    • Brand: Bronze Series DS44
    • Feature / Property: Integrated, Gauge with Two Piece Adult Cuff and Bladder, Gear-Free DuraShock™ Technology
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  • Calibration “T” Connector $20.99

    For Spot Vital Signs™ Device.

    • Feature / Property: Calibration T, For Spot Vital Signs™ Device
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  • CareTemp™ Touch Free Thermometer, Infrared, Forehead, 2.8 oz $434.62

    Dedicated memory recall button to display last measurement taken. Ergonomic handle design for a comfortable and secure hold.

    • Large, backlit LCD display.
    • Proprietary distance sensor.
    • Green LED.
    • Easily switch displayed reading.
    • 60-second timer.
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  • Coiled Cord and Handle Assembly, for Wall Transformer $310.10 / Each

    Coiled Cord and Handle Assembly is a high-quality product designed for use with the CIWS 767 and 777 Wall Transformer by Welch Allyn®. This assembly is an essential component for healthcare professionals who rely on the Wall Transformer for their diagnostic needs. The coiled cord ensures flexibility and easy maneuverability, while the handle provides a comfortable grip for easy usage. Manufactured by Welch Allyn in the United States, this product guarantees reliability and durability. Its compatible design makes it a perfect fit for the Wall Transformer, ensuring seamless integration into any medical setting. Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with the Coiled Cord and Handle Assembly for Wall Transformer.

    for CIWS 767 and 777 Wall transformer.

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  • Complete Illumination System for Disposable Sigmoidoscopes, Powerful $1,077.38

    The Welch Allyn 6V Illuminations System for Disposable Sigmoidoscopes is a powerful and complete illuminations system.

    Included in the 6V Illuminations System is the fiber optic light head, light handle, transformer and insufflation bulb.

    The 6V Illuminations System features a brilliant distal illumination which is shadow free without color distortion. The system eliminates any obstruction of vision to allow a safe and simple endoscopic examination.

    Welch Allyn will repair or replace, free of charge, any parts of its own manufacture proven to be defective through causes other than misuse, neglect, damage in shipment, or normal wear.

    • Speculum attaches to fiber optic light head.
    • No delicate or protruding light carriers to obstruct vision.
    • Brilliant distal illumination is shadow free, without color distortion.
    • For use with any Welch Allyn 3.5V or 2.5V power source and handle adapter or 6.5V handle and transformer.
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  • Connex® 6700 Vital Sign Monitor $8,057.02 / Each

    Includes Masimo® SpO2, SureTemp Plus Thermometry, SureBP Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, MAP, Custom Scoring, Nurse Call, Four USB Ports for Accessories, Radio Ready; 100-240V, 50-60 Hz AC, IEC Plug Type-B.

    • Warranty: Two year.
    • Brand: Connex® 6700

      Feature / Property: with Masimo® SpO2, 100-240V, 50-60 Hz AC, IEC Plug Type-B, SureTemp Plus Thermometry, SureBP Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, MAP, Custom Scoring, Nurse Call, Four USB Ports for Accessories, Radio Ready

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