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  • Terumo SURFLO® IV Catheter, ETFE $116.60

    Ultra-sharp double-bevel introducer needle plus a medical grade lubricant allow for easier penetration and smoother travel through tissue.

    • Preview chamber in clear sure-grip hub gives immediate indication of proper placement.
    • Flexible thinwall.
    • Large inner diameter assures good blood flow.
    • Latex-Free.
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  • SUR-VET Hypodermic Needle, Regular Wall From: $8.13

    SUR-VET Hypodermic Needle with Regular Wall is designed with precision-ground and honed quality standards that allow for easy penetration of the skin with less force, making it more comfortable for patients. It features a double-bevel and a Posti-Stop plunger, ensuring a secure and accurate injection. The needle is also latex-free, making it safe for use on patients with latex allergies.

    Design is precision-ground and honed to exacting quality standards.

    • Penetrate skin with less force, which can mean greater comfort for patients and less stress for pet owners.
    • Double-Bevel.
    • Posti-Stop Plunger.
    • Latex-Free.
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  • Surshield Safety Winged Blood Collection Set From: $81.70

    Surshield Safety Winged Blood Collection Set is designed to reduce the risk of needle stick injuries during blood collection. The soft, flexible wings conform to the body’s contour, and the needle is bonded to the wings at a 3-degree angle to minimize vessel damage. The coil-resistant tubing reduces recoil during use, and the press shield locks into place for added safety. The set includes an attached multi-sample luer adapter and is DEHP-free and latex-free.

    Surshield Safety Winged Blood Collection Set is a soft, flexible, interlocking wing, conform to the body’s contour. The needle is bonded to the wings at just under a 3 degree angle for less risk of vessel damage

    • The coil resistant tubing reduces recoil during use.
    • Press shield over the needle until it locks into place.
    • Minimize the risk of needle stick injuries.
    • With attached multi-sample luer adapter.
    • DEHP-free.
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  • Terumo Hypodermic Needle, Thin Wall $9.50

    Terumo Hypodermic Needle, Thin Wall, provides ultra sharp needles that offer greater comfort for patients during medical procedures. With a double bevel design, these needles ensure precise and efficient injections. Available in various sizes, including 18GA, 20GA, and 25GA, and lengths of 1″ and 1-1/2″, these needles cater to different medical needs. The thin wall design ensures minimal trauma to the patient’s skin while the double bevel design enhances accuracy and ease of use. Each box contains 100 needles, with 10 boxes per case, making it convenient for healthcare professionals to stock up on supplies. Whether for hospitals, clinics, or medical offices, the Terumo Hypodermic Needle, Thin Wall, is a reliable and essential tool for safe and effective medical procedures.

    Provides ultra sharp needles, which translate into greater comfort for the patient.

    • Double bevel design.
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