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  • Posey Hipsters® EZ-On Brief From: $103.96

    These Safety Briefs only cover the hip areas where the hip pads are, leaving the rest of the brief area free. The hip pads are removable for easy laundering or replacement, and they are made of a soft, comfortable foam material. This extra comfort helps to improve patient compliance to wear the briefs.

    Posey manufactures these briefs with low-profile pads that provide a discreet look. Because of the mesh material of the briefs, they can also be worn in the shower where many high fall risk individuals are likely to fall. They are also completely machine washable according to CDC guidelines with or without removing the pads.

    Features :

    High impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads help protect hip bones against injury from falls.
    Soft, comfortable pads help improve compliance versus hard-shell products.
    Discreet low-profile pads are virtually undetectable under clothing.
    Removable pads allow for cost effective pad replacement.
    High Durability Poron Foam Pad designed to withstand higher laundering temperatures.
    Washable according to CDC guidelines for soiled linen without removing the pads.
    Resident can wear their own undergarments.
    Can be worn in the shower.

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