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  • Kangaroo™ ENFit Transition Connector $38.00 / Box

    Kangaroo™ ENFit Transition Connector is a non-sterile, latex-free, and DEHP-free product designed to smoothly transition from the old connector system to the new ENFit system. It provides a secure, leak-proof connection for safe enteral feeding.

    • Sterility: Non-Sterile
    • Latex content: Latex-Free
    • Brand: Kangaroo™
    • Specifications: DEHP-Free
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  • AMSure Enema Bag $3.63 / Each

    AMSure Enema Bag is a convenient and reliable tool for enema administration. With a 1500mL capacity and a pre-lubricated tip, this non-sterile bag comes equipped with a slide clamp, soap packet, and waterproof drape. The latex-free material ensures compatibility with a wide range of patients, while the 60-inch tube provides ample reach. Each case contains 50 bags, making them suitable for medical facilities or home health use.

    • with Pre-lubricated tip.
    • Slide clamp.
    • Soap packet.
    • Waterproof drape.
    • Non-Sterile.
    • Latex-Free.
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  • MedPro Ayers Cervical Scraper, Non-Sterile $20.64 / Box

    MedPro Ayers Cervical Scraper is a non-sterile medical device specifically designed for collecting cytological specimens from the cervix. Made from smooth, white birchwood, this double-ended scraper is ideal for gynecological examinations and procedures. With its sturdy construction and reliable composition, it ensures safe and efficient specimen collection. Each box contains 504 cervical scrapers, providing healthcare professionals with an ample supply for their clinical needs.

    Used to collect cytological specimens from cervix.

    • Smooth, white birchwood.
    • Double ended.
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  • MedPro Lerner Cervical Scraper, Non-Sterile $22.43 / Box

    MedPro Lerner Cervical Scraper, Non-Sterile is a double-ended medical instrument made from smooth, white birchwood. It is designed for the collection of cytological specimens from the cervix. The scraper is non-sterile and is an essential tool for gynecologists and medical professionals who perform cervical examinations and pap smears. The birchwood composition ensures that the scraper is both durable and gentle on delicate tissues. With its double-ended design, the MedPro® Lerner Cervical Scraper offers versatility and ease of use during the collection of cervical specimens. This product is an essential addition to any medical facility or clinic that specializes in women’s health.

    Used to collect cytological specimens from cervix.

    • Smooth, white birchwood.
    • Double ended.
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  • MedPro Tongue Depressor, Junior From: $2.30

    MedPro Tongue Depressor is designed to make patient examinations more comfortable. Made from natural wood with an ultra-smooth finish, MedPro Tongue Depressor ensures a gentle and painless experience. It is available in various sizes and packaging options to meet your specific needs. The junior size is perfect for pediatric patients, while the non-sterile composition provides a cost-effective solution for routine examinations. Each box is meticulously wrapped for added hygiene. Trust MedPro for high-quality medical supplies that prioritize patient comfort.

    Make patient examinations more comfortable.

    • Ultra-smooth finish.
    • Material: Natural Wood.
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  • MedPro Tongue Depressor, Non-Sterile From: $2.43

    MedPro tongue depressor with an ultra-smooth finish is a reliable tool for medical professionals. Made from natural wood, these tongue depressors have an ultra-smooth finish to ensure patient comfort. They are available in different packet sizes and packaging options. The senior size is 6″ long and 3/4″ wide. They are non-sterile and individually wrapped. With their high-quality construction and smooth surface, these tongue depressors are essential for examinations and medical procedures.

    Natural wood tongue depressor with ultra-smooth finish.

    • Dimension: W3/4″ x L6″

    Age: Senior

    Composition / Ingredient: Natural Wood

    Sterility: Non-Sterile

    Brand: MedPro®

    Feature / Property: Ultra-Smooth Finish

    Length: 6″

    Width: 3/4″

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  • MedPro Wood Stick Applicator $6.60 / Box

    MedPro Wood Stick Applicator is a flexible and smooth round stick made of white Birchwood. It is 6 inches long and non-sterile, making it disposable after use. It is perfect for use in healthcare settings, especially for applying creams, ointments, and other topical medications.

    Flexible round stick of white Birchwood having smooth surface.

    Additional Information:

    • Composition / Ingredient: White Birchwood
    • Sterility: Non-Sterile
    • Disposable / Reusable: Disposable
    • Brand: MedPro®
    • Feature / Property: Flexible, Round, Smooth Surface
    • Length: 6″
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  • Securline Lab Markers, water alcohol resistant, black $40.12 / Box

    Securline Lab Markers are specially designed writing instruments that work equally well on dry, wet, or cold surfaces. The quick-dry black ink does not bleed when exposed to water or alcohol during normal use, making it ideal for use in laboratory settings. The markers can be washed off reusable surfaces, allowing them to be marked repeatedly. These markers are non-sterile and latex-free, making them safe for use in medical and scientific applications. The pack contains 10 black markers, each with water and alcohol resistance.

    • Our special purpose writing instrument is designed to write on moist surfaces as easily as it writes on dry surfaces.
    • Use on dry, wet or cold plastic, glass, metal and porcelain surfaces, such as petri dishes and flasks.
    • Black quick-dry ink is designed not to bleed when subjected to water or alcohol during normal use.
    • Can be washed off reusable surfaces, allowing surfaces to be marked repeatedly.
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