• EKG Mount, 2400 Mode $88.84

    The EKG Mount, 2400 Mode securely holds EKG machines for accurate and stable readings. It has adjustable height and tilt and is made of durable materials.

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  • Fistula Clamp, White $373.09 / Box
    • Used to provide consistent pressure to the fistula after dialysis treatment.
    • Constructed of durable plastic!
    • Stainless steel spring – won’t rust out!
    • Designed to cradle patents arm, without pinching.
    • Smooth surfaces won’t damage or pull patients skin.
    • Arms remain aligned when applying pressure.
    • May be cleaned with soap and water and/or sanitized using a disinfectant approved for use by your unit protocols.
    • Comfortable!
    • Lightweight!
    • Latex-Free!
    • Reliable!
    • Safe and Effective!
    • Easy to Use!

    Standard Size – Packaged 10pcs. Per bag / 300pcs. Per case

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  • MedPro Penlight, Disposable $3.51 / Each

    The MedPro High Intensity Focused Beam Light is a disposable white flashlight that features a metal pocket clip for easy attachment. This light is operated by applying pressure to the clip, which activates the high intensity focused beam. It is perfect for use in emergency situations or when a reliable source of light is needed.

    Features high intensity focused beam, operated by applying pressure to the metal pocket clip.

    • White.
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  • Monoject™ Enteral Syringe Tip Caps with ENFit™ Connection From: $65.65

    Monoject™ Enteral Syringe Tip Caps with ENFit™ Connection provide a secure seal for ENFit™ enteral syringes, preventing contamination and allowing for easy viewing of contents.

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  • ThermoScan PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer, with Small Cradle $450.71 / Each

    ThermoScan PRO 6000 Ear Thermometer, with Small Cradle, is a state-of-the-art device that utilizes advanced measurement technology to provide accurate and reliable temperature readings for patients. Its sleek design not only offers comfort during use but also allows for easy disinfection. With innovative PerfecTemp™ technology, upgraded electronic security, and ExacTemp™ technology, this thermometer ensures precise temperature measurements every time. The memory recall button allows for easy tracking of previous readings, and the 60-second pulse timer is a useful feature. The included cradle provides convenient storage for probe covers, ensuring hygiene and efficiency. This thermometer is the perfect choice for healthcare professionals seeking speed, simplicity, and accuracy in temperature monitoring.

    ThermoScan PRO 6000 Featurs advanced measurement technology, has the speed and simplicity needed to capture accurate and reliable temperature readings in a comfortable way for patients. The sleek design is easy to disinfect.

    • Innovative PerfecTemp™ technology.
    • Upgraded electronic security.
    • ExacTemp™ technology.
    • Memory recall button.
    • 60 second pulse timer.
    • Cradle for probe cover storage.
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