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  • MedPro Lubricating Gel, Tube $2.45 / Each

    MedPro lubricating gel is a water-soluble and sterile lubricant that is perfect for medical procedures and personal use. It is non-greasy and leaves no stains on clothes, furniture or equipment. The unscented formula ensures that it is comfortable for patients or personal use.

    • Water soluble gel washes off skin quickly and easily.
    • Non-greasy, will not stain furniture, clothes or equipment.
    • Unscented: For patient or personal comfort.
    • Sterile.

    Additional Information:

    • Sterility: Sterile
    • Fragrance: Unscented
    • Weight: 142g
    • Brand: MedPro®
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    Muko Lubricating Jell sm1322n_01
    Muko Lubricating Jelly, Clear From: $2.99

    Muko Lubricating Jell is a  medicinal-grade lube is bacteriostatic, non-conductive, and water-soluble. Eases insertion of urological catheters, rectal thermometers, enemas, and tampons

    • Lubricates condoms and provides personal lubrication.
    • Colorless.
    • Odorless.
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  • Parker Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Gel, with Dispenser $69.61 / Each

    Parker Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Gel is a high-quality gel that is designed for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound procedures. This gel comes with a dispenser and is fragrance-free and colorless. It is acoustically correct, hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, water-soluble, and contains no formaldehyde.

    For diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound procedures.

    • No fragrance or color.
    • Acoustically correct.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Bacteriostatic.
    • Water soluble.
    • No formaldehyde.
    • 5L
    • Fragrance: Fragrance-Free
    • Feature / Property: No color, Acoustically correct, Hypoallergenic, Bacteriostatic, Water soluble, No formaldehyde
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  • Ten20™ Conductive EEG Paste, 4 oz $57.14 / Box

    Additional Information:

    • Volume: 4 oz
    • Brand: Ten20™
    • Feature / Property: Conductive

    3 each/box

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